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Sunday Morning

A digital theatre piece that Alena created with a small collective - Missing Pages Theatre. The show weaves together acting and animation and tells a story of one morning from an unusual perspective. It opens a playful conversation with human senses and different parts of our body, and looks for neglected memories, desires and fantasies.

The piece was inspired by the altered experience we had of ourselves during lockdown and the urge to get under the surface of our morning routines.

Concept and performance: Alena Skalova and Beatrice Sica

Animation: Alena Skalova

Music: Piotr Kuwik (

Marbled paper: Jean-Paul Moreira (

The project was kindly supported Wandsworth Arts Fringe grant

Check out the teaser below

Sunday Morning pic 2.jpg
Sunday Morning - pic.jpg
Sunday Morning pic1.jpg
Sunday Morning - image.jpg
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