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My Objects

My Objects was created together with Missing Pages Theatre just before the first lockdown. Unfortunately, the full performance didn't get to be performed, but a short part of it was streamed digitally.

The show tells stories of objects we treasure - personal objects that carry rich memories and almost feel like parts of us, for strange reasons. It is a gently immersive show, which explores the relationship between performers and the audience, and combines acting, puppetry and shadow theatre. It is a family-friendly piece of theatre designed for adults in the first place but welcoming children, too.

Missing Pages Theatre is a small collective which Alena founded in 2019 to collaborate with different theatre makers. Its projects are interested in finding the magical in the everyday and in stories which would never make it to the newspaper.

Story and design: Missing Pages Theatre (Alena Skalova, Beatrice Sica, Elspeth Reid)

Performance: Alena Skalova

Video: Kat Wozniak

Music credit: Balade En Peinture by Magnus Moone (Tribe of Noise)

Missing Pages Theatre - MY OBJECTS 2.jpg
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