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Siddhartha's Journey

“The river knows everything. You can learn everything from it.”

Together with young Siddhartha, you’ll be taken on a journey along the river, across collage landscapes, through images and stories.


This multi-sensory theatre show is inspired by the novel Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse. It uses object animation, shadow theatre and paper collage to explore Siddhartha’s search for deeper knowledge of the human self and the world around him. 

The show is a playful and light response to the philosophical book, and invites adult and family audiences to be imaginative and immerse themselves in the story. It is part show, part installation where audiences can make their own collages inspired by extracts from the book.

The show toured successfully around London and Surrey in Winter 2022 and around the Czech Republic in Summer 2022. Dates of next performances will be announced soon.

London and Surrey tour and Czech tour - photos and show info 









Created by Alena Skalova 


Music by Piotr Kuwik (

Performed by Alena Skalova and Yuyu Wang (


Running time: 50 min

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England and Wandsworth Grant Fund






“It was a lovely experience and introduced me to a side of theatre I have not seen before” 

(Audience member)


“Inspiring. A real mind and eye opener for me” 

(Audience member)


About previous work:

“Aesthetically pleasing… effective in calming the viewers’ thought processes…” (Wandsworth Fringe Review)


“Ambient soundscape successfully transports the viewer to a peaceful state of mind” (Wandsworth Fringe Review)

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